Wendy Atterberry is a very successful columnist featured regularly on who is often quoted and excerpted in places like "The Washington Post" and Her column "Dear Wendy" was so popular that she decided to dedicate an entire web site to house her prolific musings and advice concerning love, understanding, acceptance and companionship.

I began working with Wendy late 2011, introduced through and we have worked on several projects together.

Most recently, Wendy asked me to install and design a Forum that integrates well with WordPress. I recommended BBPress and she agreed. I installed the software as a plugin for WordPress and also installed a few supporting plugins to enrich her visitor’s experience. The Forum’s design needed to be customized to match her existing look and feel.

The Dear Wendy Forum is simple and easy to manage and has already become highly successful and well-trafficked by her multitudes of dedicated followers. I sincerely look forward to working with Wendy on future projects!