Adirondack Primitive Skills Group

I was asked to produce a simple logo for a group of primitive skills enthusiasts from Long Lake, New York that could also be reproduced as a patch. The logo is used to advertise their Meetup Group page – Adirondack Primitive Skills Group.

The logo needed to incorporate the unique profile of the Adirondack mountain range in the background while evoking a primitive feel through the use of the fire. The chosen color scheme reflects a back-woods look and feel. The original "patch" logo was modified slightly to work as a horizontal header banner as well. Forum

Wendy Atterberry is a very successful columnist featured regularly on who is often quoted and excerpted in places like "The Washington Post" and Her column "Dear Wendy" was so popular that she decided to dedicate an entire web site to house her prolific musings and advice concerning love, understanding, acceptance and companionship.

I began working with Wendy late 2011, introduced through and we have worked on several projects together.

Most recently, Wendy asked me to install and design a Forum that integrates well with WordPress. I recommended BBPress and she agreed. I installed the software as a plugin for WordPress and also installed a few supporting plugins to enrich her visitor’s experience. The Forum’s design needed to be customized to match her existing look and feel.

The Dear Wendy Forum is simple and easy to manage and has already become highly successful and well-trafficked by her multitudes of dedicated followers. I sincerely look forward to working with Wendy on future projects!

Two Far Gone Web Site

Dick & Sandy S. had wanted to make “The Great Loop” for a long time. When they decided to get their feet wet by making the first part of their trip from Minnesota to Florida, Sandy wanted to capture the memories in a blog.

WordPress was the perfect solution for Sandy as she just wanted it to work.

I was able to set up a simple theme for their site – – and then took a little time to teach Sandy how to use the back-end administration. I did my best to make it easy for her to post photos of their trip, as well as to geocode her blog posting so that friends and family could “track” their progress via connected lines on a map.

Their first leg of the long trip was a success, and their blog logged nearly 11 thousand visits during their journey.

Want a Blog just like this one?

I would be happy to create a blog like this one, or maybe you want something totally different? Either way, contact me for more information, or fill out a free Request for Quote to get started!

Zabooda Design Launches New Web Site

I finally found enough free time to set up a web site for myself!

It’s rather humorous that we web designers never seem to have enough time to work on our own projects, especially the ones that will bring us more clients. Perhaps part of it is that we can never be satisfied with our own work, thinking “just one more change”.

In the near future, this web site will showcase my portfolio and will make it easier for people to hire me.

In the meantime, I am available via

For larger or long-term projects or hire, I am available via Barb Krass at Aquent | Vitamin T.